Why Do this?

A dictionary is perhaps the first and most powerful reference tool that a child should own. Its usefulness goes beyond the spellings, pronunciations, and definitions it lists, it is a companion for solving problems that arise as a child develops his or her reading skills, writing and creative thinking abilities. Student’s benefit from an increased self-reliance and resourcefulness inspired by the maxim "look it up". Teacher’s benefit by knowing that their students have consistent access to a tool for homework and in-class explorations. We emphasize the importance of using a dictionary to make sure that all words are spelled correctly.

The program is an opportunity for children to expand their vocabulary and for many to actually own a dictionary. A strong vocabulary is an essential tool for gaining knowledge. The limits of an individual's language are the limits of his world. A large vocabulary does not guarantee success but a small vocabulary limits the use that a person can make of his or her natural abilities. A small vocabulary decreases the effectiveness of inborn gifts in any civilization.

How to get started.

Rotary Clubs

  • Contact your local school board and determine the number of Grade 3 Students in your area.
  • Contact the Principals and arrange delivery.
  • Click and order your Dictionaries, Labels, Bookmarks etc
  • Organize your delivery committee.
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  • This project is sponsored by your local Rotary Club.
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Sponsors & Volunteers

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Learning to read, Reading to learn


Rotary Cares

A fully integrated dictionary for students

This dictionary defines more than 37,000 words and phrases that reflect the vocabulary level,curriculum requirements, and personal interests of students. This newly updated version adds dozens of new words students are likely to encounter in their everyday life, including aha moment, BFF, carbon footprint, chat room, e-book, google, hashtag, ringtone, selfie, and unfriend. We have also included special Canadian and British spellings, such as colour and endeavour when they differ from the usual spelling in the U.S. We are proud of this dictionary, and we think it will be a great help to young students.

Based on the best-selling Webster's Dictionary for students.